US Model Mercedes-Benz
1961-66 220SEb
1961-66 220SEb Exhaust System
1961-66 220SEb Exhaust System
Quantity Part No. Description Reference
2 7008 Engine Pipe Gasket

1 TV111100 Engine Pipe Assembly
1 TV111101 Middle Assembly
1 TV111102 Rear Muffler Assembly
2 7013 1 7/8" Pipe Clamp
4 7017 Rubber O-ring Hanger

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Each of Timevalve’s quality, rust-free stainless steel 1961-66 Mercedes 220SEb aftermarket exhaust systems includes: engine pipe assembly, center muffler assembly, rear muffler and tail pipe, that may be purchased “complete” or as individual components.

Separately priced installation kit includes: two engine pipe gaskets, two 1 7/8” stainless clamps, four rubber o-ring hangers, and a vial of joint sealer compound.

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